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Protection Dog Case Studies, Reviews And News

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I am often asked about the legality of using a family protection dog  to defend yourself. There are elements to current UK legislation that protect homeowners when they defend themselves or others. The following statement by the justice minister strengthens a homeowners position when we defend our homes and our loved ones. It's not difficult to see how a family protection dog would deter a determined burglar
A recent trip to a local barbers. Mack is a fine protection dog that is balanced and calm. He was happy just to sit at my side and observe the world. A credit to his training and a joy to own Mack is an elite level protection dog.
We are proud to announce the arrival of "Vega" our first Giant Schnauzer in training to become an Elite Protection Dog. Vega comes from southern Germany and from world wide renowned working lines. Vega is very social and early testing reveals she will be a very capable protection dog.
Seren is employee of the month - A small amount of humour for protection dog news
Queena is one of our all black imported females. Joining us in February 2013 Queena has excelled in our protection dog training programme. She is balanced and very social. She is wonderful around children of all ages. She has fabulous obedience and devastating protection abilities.
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