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In the past year K9 Protector staff have been working in every corner of the UK from the tip of Scotland to Northern Ireland to Cornwall. Our protection dogs have been handed over to clients from all over the UK. Our specialist handover package ensures that your chosen protection dog is integrated into your home with ease. Owning a protection dog requires a commitment from the prospective owner to learn how his or her protection dog behaves under threat the handover enables you to learn this in a safe and secure manner.
For anyone who has followed Usso's progress you will see he is a handsome and very capable protection dog. He has been purchased by a lovely family that live in the Costa del Sol. He will be travelling to Spain in September to protect the family and business from any unwanted guests. A personal favourite of mine Usso will be missed!  
Protection Dogs Bibi and Odin are owned by a London based family. They purchased Bibi as a compact protection dog two years ago following a nasty aggravated burglary. As the couple had young children they felt a bitch as a protection dog may be the right choice. Once Bibi had settled into being a much loved family pet as well as a formidable protection dog they decided to bring in another fully trained protection dog into their home.
From the very best bloodlines and the most renowned Schnauzer kennels in Germany comes this special dog. Protection Dog Vega is in training to achieve an elite standard. Despite a rather silly haircut Vega is excelling in her training and will become a fabulous protection dog and family pet.
As a small company we have always maintained you can't mass produce quality. When training protection dogs to the highest standards we have always maintained that we would keep our business low key and personal. That being said it's been great to see our recognition on the social media sites this week with a growing following I would like to personally thank everyone for their interest and support.
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