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Puppy and Adult Protection Dog Training Online...  for when it comes to having the ultimate adult protection dog, regular training and development is important. At K9 Protector, we provide fully trained protection dogs that are obedient and have gone through a comprehensive programme to ensure they deliver the highest quality of protection.

As part of Patreon membership, K9 Protector is delighted to offer online training for you and your protection dog.


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Here’s an overview of the benefits:

Learn to train your dog online, anytime, anywhere

Online dog protection training means that you can go through the training at your own speed and you don’t need to turn up to a location at a specific time or day like you do for face to face training. This means that you can do the training at the hours that suit you, whether that’s during the day, in the evenings or at the weekends.

Go at your own pace

With online training you can review modules that you need to understand more, or you can complete parts of the content quicker that you are happy and confident with. We understand that everyone is different when it comes to learning and online dog training is a perfect way to ensure you learn at your own pace.

Training a puppy also requires going at a different pace compared to providing a refresh with a fully trained protector dog. If you have a puppy that you are training then you can revisit parts where more focus is needed to make sure they have developed the understanding and skills that they need.

Dip in and out of the content

Over time humans - and dogs - will forget things, we could almost say it’s human, but maybe a better phrase is it’s natural! If an adult protection dog hasn’t had to deal with certain situations, or hasn’t heard a specific command for a while then a bit of training can help to remind your protection dog - and you - of what needs to be done.

With online protection dog training, you can review specific parts that you need to brush up on to ensure that you are prepared for those situations.

The way we have structured the content also ensures that you don’t have to waste time going through the whole course every time you want to brush up on something specific.

Note: if you are new to online protection dog training then we strongly recommend completing the course content from start to finish, and then revisiting specific areas throughout the year. The approach you take for a puppy should be different to an adult protection dog. If you have any questions about content and the best approach for using our online training for protection dogs then contact us.

Unlimited access to our dog training videos, tips and advice

At K9 Protector we provide best-in-class professional training with the focus on the end result - to protect you! Unlike movie rentals that allow you limited access to a movie for 48 hours, our online training is available to members for as long as it’s needed. You can access all of the content, or parts of it, as many times as you want for as long as you are a member.

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