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Protection Dog Maintenance Programs

Is a protection dog maintenance program necessary?

The answer to the above question is absolutely not. It’s not necessary. But that doesn’t mean it’s not beneficial.

As a result of our training and handling instruction (at your home) by the end of the delivery of your fully-trained protection dog you should not need us, or anyone else, to maintain your dog’s training at an extremely high level. There is a difference between maintaining an extremely high level of performance, and the highest level.

Maintain your protection dogs performance with our maintenance programs - K9 ProtectionHighest level of security

It’s very much like someone learning a martial art. The person can be a black belt, train daily for years, and be extremely capable of defending him or herself. Let’s say after five years he or she stops training. He or she does nothing for three years.

Then they are faced with a threat. Will they be able to use their skills learned over five years of training? Absolutely. Will it be the same as if the assault took place in their fifth year of training? Probably not. It’s very much the same with fully trained dogs.

Our maintenance programs are for clients who want to maintain the highest level.

If that’s important to you, then we have a few options.

Maintenance Programs

Each program is designed to be used over a specific time period (1 year or 3 years) however what is actually being purchased is the number of days. The number of days purchased for follow up visits can therefore be used at an owner’s discretion over whatever time period is most useful.

Our protection dog maintenance programs therefore provide a saving based on the number of days in the program. More importantly it is a commitment to maintain your dog’s highest level of performance in obedience, protection and the everyday functionality of both.

One year program:

Recommended: One day of follow-up every ninety days for one year.

Three year program:

Recommended: One day of follow-up every ninety days for three years.
We also include in our three year program up to six weeks of “in-kennel” training at our protection dog training centre. The program is designed to be used two weeks each year. In most cases dogs are usually sent to us while their owners are on holiday. Please ask about our collection and drop off service.

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