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Personal Protection Dogs, UK

Buying personal protection dogs can seem daunting if you are in a position where a protection dog is required. We have a solid background with training personal protection dogs that integrate seamlessly in to your lifestyle. If you are seeking a guard dog for personal protection please give our canine protector team a call and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Alternatively please view our personal protection dogs for sale; all of which are expertly trained personal protection dogs, executive protection dogs and family protection dogs.

Considering a protection dog?

Personal Protection Dogs from K9 Protector. Guard dogs for personal protection.

Most customers arrive at the decision to purchase  protection dog after an event that has caused them concern for their safety and/or security of their property. Have you been a victim of burglary or assault or both? Do you have a fear of crime? Or are in a position where you could be a target for crime? By taking a positive step to contact K9 Protector you can feel secure with an expertly trained personal protection dog at your side.

Police response times in rural areas of the UK are thirty minutes or more. Coupled with rising violent crime the only sensible and very real deterrent is a protection dog. Let us be clear; a protection dog is not a guard dog. It is an integral part of your life, a balanced family pet with the confidence and skill set to defend yourself or your home.

Trained Personal Protection Dogs

Our protection dogs are taught through intensive training to fearlessly defend those in their charge from potential assailants.  The investment you are considering is one that will repay itself tenfold. The greatest peace of mind there can be is the knowledge that you can entrust the safety of your family and home to the newest member of your family.

All our staff have a wealth of experience in nurturing dogs to achieve their very best through positive training that promotes the correct drives required to be a protection dog. They are all former Police Dog Handlers or Home Office Instructor’s with a wealth of knowledge in training dog’s in personal protection. We supply the very best protection dogs available to UK customers and overseas customers alike. Our dogs are not kennel dogs they live within our family homes and are therefore observed closely around children and other elements of family life.

Guard dogs for personal protection. Persoanl Protection Dogs UK

Protection Dogs and Peace of Mind

Trained personal protection dogs from K9 Protector give you peace of mind. Our commitment toward excellence is evidenced by the testimonials of many customers who are only now experiencing this type of security.

It's hard to describe the peace of mind that is obtained by owning a family protection dog from K9Protector. If you have experienced a violent crime then you will understand the impact to day to day life. Your new family member will give his or her life to defend you. He or she can't be used against you and will truly be the sword at your side.

If you have any questions and would like to speak to one of our team, please contact K9 Protector today.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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