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Elite Protection Dogs For Sale

Please see below the list of available Elite level protection dogs for sale. Elite protection dogs are our most highly trained protection dogs for sale. Mainly from our own on-site protection dog breeding program, each dog has spent two years being expertly nurtured, trained and tested for exceptional personal protection and family protection.

Whilst we try to update this section regularly availability can literally vary daily. If you have a preference from the foregoing dogs, please contact K9 Protector now to book a fact finding visit or enquire online on the individual protection dogs for sale, below.

Elite Protection Dog Hades
Progeny of Ixie and Hero Hades is a beautiful oversized male trained to our Elite level
Elite Protection Dog Becks HTE
Becks is a oversized male who is very intelligent and bonds closely. Super dog for family security and protection
Elite Protection Dog Puschi
Elite Protection Dog Puschi is a beautiful sable German Shepherd, her stature and conformation is very masculine. Puschi is a lovely family pet but Puschi is also very capable of defending those in her charge
Elite Protection Dog Hero
Robust and stunning his presence only deters however Hero is well equipped to defend those in his charge, Elite protection dog Hero is a real head turner
Elite Protection Dog Flash
Flash is a super young male family protection dog who has recently qualified to become an Elite Protection Dog. One to watch Flash will suit a lot of family circumstances
Elite Protection Dog Donna
On first glance you would think Elite Protection Dog Donna is all black but on closer inspection she has gold colourations to her legs and feet. Either way I think she is a stunning female and will make a lovely protective companion.
Elite Protection Dog Janni
Elite Protection Dog Janni is a stunning female with an oversized look and masculine conformation. Janni is open and affectionate until she need not be and once under threat she is a force to be reckoned with
Elite Protection Dog Manni
Elite Protection Dog Manni is a beautiful bi coloured male who combine speed , ability and courage to ensure he takes care of those in his charge
Elite Protection Dog Gia
Trained Protection Dog Gia is a youthful female that has a really cheerful disposition and a skill set to defend those in her charge. Super affectionate and intelligent Gia will suit a family situation
Elite Protection Dog Ginny
Wow what a stunning dog ! Ginny is a head turner , loving, intelligent, faithful are just a few adjectives that spring to mind when thinking of Ginny
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