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Elite Protection Dogs For Sale

Please see below the list of available Elite level protection dogs for sale. Elite protection dogs are our most highly trained protection dogs for sale. Mainly from our own on-site protection dog breeding program, each dog has spent two years being expertly nurtured, trained and tested for exceptional personal protection and family protection.

Whilst we try to update this section regularly availability can literally vary daily. If you have a preference from the foregoing dogs, please contact K9 Protector now to book a fact finding visit or enquire online on the individual protection dogs for sale, below.

Elite Protection Dog Carl
Elite protection dog Carl comes from a bloodline that we know very well. It produces very similar dogs that are highly suited to this role
Protection Dog Henney
Henney is a beautiful bi coloured female from working bloodlines. She will suit most family situations and has a real easy going nature.
Head Image Voldy
Voldermort (should you utter his name) is no where near as sinister as his screen play name sake. Voldy is loving and open and will suit most family situations
Protection Dog Ellis Head Image
Protection dog Ellis is a compact and beautiful entire working bloodline German Shepherd. Ellis is a protection dog that is discreet and will go anywhere with you...
Elite Protection Dog Diva
Protection Dog Diva is a robust female from working bloodlines. She is physically just slightly oversized so it gives her a slight masculine appearance. She is a lovely all round family dog that is good with cats and will suit lots of varied circumstances. Diva really does stand out when it comes to her protection work and she will deter even the most determined intruder
Elite Protection Dog Sam
Protection Dog Sam is an entire imported female from top flight working bloodlines. Sam has a can do attitude and is a gr…
Elite Protection Dog Sassy
Stunning sable female German Shepherd for sale to suit every family situation. Sassy enjoys family life and is a bright intelligent dog capable of defending her loved ones.
Elite Protection Dog Yamas
Protection dog "Yamas" is an oversized German Shepherd from working bloodlines. In almost all aspects of life Y…
Freddi Head Image
Protection Dog Freddi is a very substantial male who commands attention and his presence alone would deter
Elite Protection Dog - Star (Vom Valborg)
Elite Protection Dog "Star" has progressed well throughout her training with us and is now ready to leave us. S…
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