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Elite Protection Dog Kyra

Elite Protection Dog Kyra

Source: Imported
Gender: Female
Breed: German Shepherd
Colour: Black and Tan

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About the dog


The concept of purchasing a protection dog is alien to the average member of the public. The story that I'm told by many prospective clients is that they were fearful or frustrated by the repeat victimisation they had suffered whereby intruders broke into their home or out building. So after hours of google searching they finally plumbed in search parameters like "guard dog for families" or "family protection dog" and they then discovered the world of "protection dogs". Now fifteen years ago when I set up K9Protector with the aim to provide the very best protection dogs and supply them professionally in a way that families found easy to integrate and with the knowledge that to me it wasn't just about making a sale it was about supporting families at a time they needed help. At this time there were only two other companies doing this. Nowadays there is a whole plethora of so called "protection dog" companies selling in my opinion nothing more than dangerous dogs. It is important to note that when you purchase a protection dog it is a purchase based on trust , the trust that you have purchased the right dog from the right protection dog company that is morally credible and is competent in training protection dogs. As you can probably tell I am passionate about what we do here at K9Protector and urge you to do your due diligence before purchasing a protection dog.     

Elite level protection dog Kyra is  will suit many family situations. Willing to please Kyra is a robust defender of those in her charge. Just like her parents and grand parents Kyra comes from a bloodline that produces dogs that are capable of defending you. Protection dog Kyra has competition level obedience both on and off lead walking at your hip. Kyra knows the positions of sit and down and can readily exhibit long periods of static behaviour when required. Elite protection dog Kyra has a solid recall and is equipped with the fighting ability to defend you against violent attack. One of the great things about Kyra is that she gets on well with cats so if you have a feline member of the family you can still have this level of protection. Territorially Kyra is quick to alert to the presence of strangers or noise and will robustly defend her loved ones and property. Protection dogs from K9Protector are all "handed over" to their owners with a comprehensive training package with the request for additional training always available to a new client if the client feels they want to handle their dog in the very best way. A relationship for life is what I describe to our family protection dog owners so that they have the reassurance to know that whether that's one year into ownership or ten years we are always available for advice, training , boarding etc.

Elite Protection dog Kyra is available now to view and reserve for your family security 

Health records

All Protection dogs are:

Hip and elbow screened 

Clinical examination

Handover period

One day at our protection dog training centre 

Typical aspects of obedience

All protection dogs come with competition standard obedience

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