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Protection Dog Trainers

Protection dog trainer Bob Pocock

Protection Dog Trainer - Bob Pocock

Bob joined the Wiltshire constabulary in 1969. In his service he was an operational Police Dog Handler.

He was a operational handler for 25 years and in his time made some very high profile arrests and won many regional competitions and trials with his dogs. In 2000 he completed his UK  home office instructors course and then went on to become the forces senior police dog instructor. In 2010 he retired with 42 years service bringing his skills and expertise to K9 Protector.

Bob's constant enthusiasm to improve his candidates is much valued and his wealth of experience in the development of protection dogs is second to none. He continually assesses each protection dog throughout his or her training to ensure that the protection dogs that pass our rigorous training programme are the very best family protections dogs available in the UK

Protection dog trainer Alaster Bly

Protection Dog Trainer - Alaster Bly

Alaster joined the Metropolitan Police in 1988 and then the Wiltshire Constabulary in 1996. In his service he spent the majority of his time as an operational dog handler. Handling general purpose dogs , drugs search dogs and tactical firearms dogs.

Alaster left the service to set up K9 Protector.  Alaster is a specialist in obedience and his commitment is evidenced by the standard of the protection dogs he develops.

He says that the pursuit of improvement and quality are his goals when training Elite family protection dogs to the highest standards. However don't just take our word for it look at our testimonials page you will see a wealth of customers that have invested in a protection dog from K9Protector.

Through his work with K9Protector and his service in the police Alaster has often been called upon as an expert spokesman on the subject of  protection dog training by the national media. His most recent being his interview on the   Radio 2 "Jeremy Vine show.

Protection Dog Trainer at K9 Protecter - Sian Beard

Protection Dog Trainer - Sian Bly

Personal protection dog program trainer Sian Bly was recruited from the civilian dog training world.

Sian comes from a large dog training background and brings a level of balance to our training program between police background and civilian training. She is very involved in the selection and developmental work of protection dogs.

Each of our dogs are tested thoroughly in a home environment and Sian developed a structured program that tests suitability and sociability in any domestic circumstance 

I have also worked with some vulnerable clients that have suffered terrible violence at the hands of criminals and it's really opened my eyes as to the threat level some people have in their lives. I find it really satisfying when I complete a protection dog handover package with a new client and see their confidence and demeanour change as they realise that once bonded their new family member will stand in harms way for them.     

Protection dog trainer Kieran French

Protection Dog Trainer - Kieran French                   

Kieran was recruited under our apprentice program. This has enabled him to learn every aspect of kennel management and welfare prior to undertaking our protection dog training program. Kieran was awarded a distinction level diploma in Working dogs in 2016 and has become a real asset in the developmental work surrounding defence drive. Kieran will continue to study and this year will work toward his higher diploma in Working dogs. The training of protection dogs is very complex and there are many things to consider when selecting or breeding a dog for this role. My role at K9Protector has enabled me to develop my knowledge of selection, breeding, training and most importantly welfare. The welfare of a protection dog or any dog for that matter in my care is paramount. At K9Protector we also board previously sold family protection dogs so that produces individual welfare requirements in itself. In my role at K9Protector I have travelled all over the UK and abroad providing training as we handover trained protection dogs to families.    


Protection Dog Trainer - Ben Skidmore

Ben was recruited under our apprentice program.  This enabled him to learn every aspect of kennel management and welfare prior to undertaking our protection dog training program. Ben was awarded a distinction level diploma in working dogs in 2018. Ben is a team player who had this to say about working at K9 Protector...… " My apprenticeship has given me a great grounding and as I progress I am becoming more involved in every aspect of protection training, It really is great to see the development of the young dogs as we take them from pups into adulthood"

Protection dogs in the UK are now very common lots of people choose to invest in a protection dog to look after their family. Since working at K9Protector I have met people from all walks of life that for many varied reasons require the peace of mind a protection dog can give.






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