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What's Included and  what's the next steps ?

If you would like to progress your enquiry further please complete our contact form and send it to us alternatively call the office on 01761 239338.

After discussion and if your situation is suitable to own a trained dog we will invite you along to view potential candidates for your situation. Suitability really depends on you telling us any relevant information about your circumstances. Things we would consider (and this list isn't exhaustive)

The above list is a few examples of things that help us come up with suggested candidates. We reserve the right at all times to say that we are not happy to allow a dog to leave us 

Protection Dog (Entry Level)

What's included with your purchase price at this level ?

Price range within this level is £8000 to £18000 plus vat

Elite Level Protection Dog (Intermediate Level)

This is our most popular level of trained dog two thirds of all dogs sold fall within this category

What's Included with your purchase price at this level ?       

Price range within this level is £19500 to £30000 plus vat

High Threat Environment Dogs (HTE)

This level represents the highest level of trained dog we supply, designed to go to multiple occupancy situations E.G. Two principles, children, housekeeper, nanny, gardener/s , estate manager etc

What's Included in the price at this level ?

Price range within this level is £32500 to £75000 plus vat

Please note that we do supply our dogs to clients internationally but this is restricted to the Elite and High Threat Environment trained dogs. If you are overseas and require a highly trained protection dog please contact us and discuss the bespoke process

With any level of trained dog from K9Protector we screen by of radiograph here in the UK or in the country of origin for hip and elbow dysplasia. Those radiographs are then screened by veterinarians to assess suitability and workability. All of our dogs welfare are monitored closely after all happy healthy dogs train well.

As previously mentioned through discussion be that email or over the phone we will ask you a lot of questions to try and establish suitable candidates for clients. In real terms the higher up our training structure you go the deeper the training is conditioned and therefore that correlates to higher levels of control for you as a customer. That being said once a dog leaves us to a new home the responsibility then becomes  yours to maintain balance, control and welfare. We provide detailed advice on handover training and backed up through useful information packs in the form of the "Transition guide to Home". We provide life long support and advice by phone call , email , one to one training if required and our on line learning mentorship . Apart from the moral responsibility to maintain your dogs welfare, part of that welfare is maintaining control through obedience. It would be fair to say that if you don't practice the levels of control imparted to you on your handover training day there will be a dilution in control levels. This dilution rarely affects the protection training (but could ) it would be more likely on your obedience which in turn would lead to problematic behaviour like reactivity or learnt behaviour. Illustrations of how dilution occurs would be using multiple commands for a dog to carry out one action, Playing frequent ball games where there is no control kept, ball interest can become obsessive and problematic, not correcting unwanted behaviour,  allowing overclaiming of the person or the home without correction. That being said those clients that invest their time training with their dog and certainly within the first 12 months of ownership enjoy an obedient dog for the rest of the dog's life and that investment can be as little as 10 to 15 minutes each day and as you have to exercise your dog each day why not spend that time maintaining that essential control.   

At K9Protector we remain always committed to the welfare and ongoing training of our dogs and client's and readily have clients visit for "training days" so they can keep their handling skills toned. 

If you would like a detailed synopsis of training details of the dog your interested in purchasing please do not hesitate to ask   


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