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The right protection dog for the right circumstance...

The purchase of an Elite protection dog is arguably the most important purchase of your life. An investment in personal and family security that will love you and defend you.

As a potential customer searching the internet its very difficult to identify who you should place your trust in with so much at stake.

Elite Protection dogs from K9 Protector  are not kennel dogs they are exposed to family life . Wherever a family would go our protection dogs visit and train. We employ training techniques that have been developed over many years and we have quickly established ourselves as the market leader in the provision of balanced family protection dogs.

It's important to remember there is no regularity body yet governing the sale of a protection dog in the UK. Therefore for an individual looking at protection dogs with no prior experience it's hard to know who to trust. The only advice we can give is talk to as many companies as possible, get a feel for who wants to just sell you a dog and who wants to sell you the right protection dog 

Look at the training staff and they're level of experience what makes them qualified to train protection dogs.



Life Protection Dogs

Look at the locations they train in and ask as many questions as you need to establish that you are placing your trust in the right company.  At K9 Protector we will take the time to ensure that match the right protection dog to your circumstance and lifestyle.

"Courage testing is important and is carried out in many varied locations to establish that no matter the environment your protection dog will defend"

"The use of specialist techniques are used to ensure protection dogs are focused on the threat and not equipment".

Being trained in public environments is critical to ensure confidence and balance. Each protection dog from K9 Protector has been exposed to every environment a family may take them.

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