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Facilities For Protection Dog Training

At K9 Protector, we have a range of facilities for training protection dogs. Our training facility is set in a rural environment and has bespoke training and boarding facilities. We take the training of protection dogs very seriously but even more so the welfare of our dogs is paramount.

Our purpose built suites all have uni floors and double glazing.

Each suite is oversized with central heating to ensure that all the candidate protection dogs have clean and dry enviroments when they are not on "home test".

Such facilities enable us to board your protection dog whilst your on holiday. How does this work ? well its simple you book in advance with us and a driver will collect your protection dog from your home and bring him or her to our training facility. So whilst your away your protection dog can recieve daily training.

We only offer this service to clients that have purchased protection dogs from K9 Protector.

Happy dogs train well - its simple!

Our rural position means that our protection dogs enjoy lots of down time playing in the 3 acres of secure fenced land available.

We feed our protection dogs only the very best food from Royal Canin we have found it to be the best diet suited to large breed dogs in training

We have on site grooming facilities and a small shop for equipment and food sales.

Our facilities enable us to conduct protection dog handovers to clients here or at their homes which ever suits

Our protection dogs are all fully vaccinated and come with pet passports should you wish to travel with your family guardian. Protection dogs from K9Protector are all hip and elbow x-rayed to ensure there are no signs of early dysplasia.

So you can rest assured that your protection dog comes from a bloodline that has great hip and elbow heritage.

All of the protection dogs at K9Protector go through a comprehensive and very structured training program where they are observed in evry enviroment possible and tested in many situations.

Sometimes I am asked what happens to the dogs that don't complete the protection dog training program? Well it's simple we retain them here until a suitable home or place in life is available for them , so for example if a dog was found to be too busy and have too much drive to become a family protection dog then perhaps it would suit a service or security role.

If you have any questions about our facilities or indeed would like to visit us please do mail or call us.

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