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Elite Protection Dog Puschi

Elite Protection Dog Puschi

Source: Imported
Gender: Female
Breed: German Shepherd
Colour: Sable

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About the dog

Elite protection dog Puschi is excelling on our protection dog training program. I expect to see her qualify for our High Threat Environment program in the new year. Her stunning looks and open personality makes her a firm favourite for families wishing to address security concerns for the new year. Puschi is a strong defender and will withstand a lot of pressure making her an ideal choice for a family protection dog.

Update: I am pleased to announce that Puschi has completed our high threat personal protection dog program. Essentially the HTE program is the highest level of protection dog training available. It equips our protection dogs with the fighting ability to overcome a determined attacker. Violent crime has increased over the years and offences against the person such as assault , grievous bodily harm in the commission of offences like burglary or car jacking is all too common. A protection dog like Puschi can be the difference between a positive or very negative outcome. Guard dogs for family security is not a new concept in fact man has relied on dogs to guard them against threats for centuries. 

Puschi is typical of a protection dog from K9Protector. Once bonded you will have a K9 bodyguard that will place herself in harms way to ensure that your safe. Not only that you will have a K9 alarm system to alert you to the presence of someone near your property. Lest we forget your four legged friend will provide you with love and companionship for years to come.  

Puschi is very suited to living with cats and has been tested thoroughly with our K9 protector cats "Crash" and "Test" . She becomes very affectionate once socialised and will readily go to them for company. Her temperament is open and she is willing to please. All K9Protector protection dogs are tested around the family . Puschi is a lovely house guest and enjoys stretching out in front of the fire. She is social with children and in the home will readily seek affection from them. It is important that your family protection dog settles within your home it is one of the reasons why personal protection becomes personal. Outside the home Puschi is more than prepared to be your jogging companion or accompany you on a countryside ramble. Ever vigilant and alert Puschi is watchful for danger providing a real peace of mind.

All trained dogs from K9Protector come with a comprehensive handover whereby we cover how to care for your protection dog, obedience, personal security and protection. The handover period is commensurate with the training level of the dog you've invested in be that Elite level protection dog or High threat level protection dog. We have on line learning protection dog videos that help you learn how to communicate with your chosen protection dog prior to handover.  Your help and support doesn't end there we talk about a "relationship for the life of your dog" we will always be available for any support needs you have be that protection dog boarding  or additional training support     

Health records

All K9Protector Protection Dogs Have

Hip and Elbow screening

Clinical examination

Handover period

One day at our Family protection dog training facility

Typical aspects of obedience

At this level all protection dogs have competition level obedience

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