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Elite Protection Dog Flash

Elite Protection Dog Flash

Source: Imported
Gender: Male
Breed: German Shepherd
Colour: Sable

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  • Typical aspects of obedience

About the dog

Elite Protection Dog Flash is a super young male who is open in temperament and has a willingness to please.

Flash has a classic protection dog name as I remember at least three protection dogs before him with this name. Flash has lovely obedience and as he progresses on our Elite program Flash will enhance his natural protective capabilities by learning how to fight with a man.

Protection dogs like Flash need to be alert to danger and ready to react but yet retain all the characteristics of a balanced family pet. Family protection dogs are not guard dogs as they are very much an integral part of the family. Guard dogs are really externally kept dogs that act as a primary line of protection dogs for a property. Family protection dogs at K9Protector are rigorously tested in a family environment. Simple things that are easily overlooked, how does this protection dog react to the hoover, television, tumble drier etc. How does this protection dog react when people are eating food in the home, How does this protection dog react when someone cheers as a goal is scored on the television ?. You see it's not just training personal protection, there is a lot of other types of training that goes toward making a protection dog

A sound choice for a family Flash will address any security concerns you have whilst providing companionship and love for years to come.  To view Flash or indeed any of the trained protection dogs at K9Protector please don't hesitate to get in touch

Health records



All protection dogs from K9Protector are: 

Hip and elbow screened

Clinical examination

Handover period

one day at our protection dog training facility

Typical aspects of obedience

Elite level protection dogs from K9Protector come with on and off lead obedience , Knowing the positions of down, sit. Static behaviour e.g. down (stay), solid recall with distractions. Jump into and out of vehicles. Down from a distance as an emergency stop


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