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Elite Protection Dog Gia

Elite Protection Dog Gia

Source: Imported
Gender: Female
Breed: German Shepherd
Colour: Black And Tan

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  • Health records
  • Handover period
  • Typical aspects of obedience

About the dog

Family protection dog Gia  is a substantial female that enjoys human company and will be a wonderful addition to any family. Her obedience and protection training has left  Gia very able to defend those in her charge. Gia is a handsome bitch who bonds quickly and I am certain she will be a great running companion should you wish to take her running.

Lets talk about what Gia is like in the home.. as you can imagine we home test a lot of protection dogs and Gia is a really easy house guest. Being a protection dog doesn't mean a dog can't relax and Gia enjoys nothing more than spending time with the family relaxing. We always have at least one protection dog in our home being tested over the Christmas period. Christmas time can present challenges for protection dogs in training because there is a lot of temporary stimulus like Christmas tree's , decorations and even the very gregarious Aunty Jean coming to stay !. Gia as expected took it all in her stride and very typically of K9Protector trained dogs was very acceptant of the change.

Outside the home Gia is a "go anywhere" protection dog. Literally to a board meeting, coffee shop or a ride on a train Gia is comfortable in all environments.  Protection dogs like Gia like a good "leg stretch" so invest in some countryside wellies and get out there. Being a protection dog doesn't excluded them from normal "pet like" activities and daily exercise is essential for enrichment and bonding with your protection dog.

Gia has completed our Elite protection dog training level and is now within our high threat training program. Protection dogs at this level represent the very best of the best. Not all protection dogs achieve this standard of training. It takes a certain type of dog and a lot is to do with intelligence and the ability think under extreme pressure. Her protection skill set is swift and devastating to a would be assailant yet she is easy to handle by young or old.

We generally have around 18 protection dogs in training with around 6 protection dogs available for sale straight away. Gia is one of those dogs she is ready to go and I see her suiting many family situations.

Gia will come with a one day protection dog handover package, Instructional videos and life time support and assistance. All of our highly trained protection dogs have comprehensive handover packages that can on request be tailored to your specific requirements.

The decision to purchase a trained family protection dog like Gia can be motivated by many things , sadly a lot of prospective clients arrive at our door after something terrible has happened. The presence of a protection dog like Gia would of substantially changed the outcome of the event and left the persons concerned in a safer and happier situation.  

To discuss Gia and any of the other highly trained protection dogs in training don't hesitate to contact us   

Health records

All K9Protector Protection dogs are

Screened for early hip and elbow dysplasia

Full clinical examination

Fully vaccinated


Handover period

Ask about our comprehensive handover process for our protection dogs 

Typical aspects of obedience

All of our trained protection dogs have competition level obedience on and off lead

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