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The Sword At Your Side

Bodyguard equivalents - How to protect yourself from one on one confrontations


In 2017, Jovenel Moïse, an entrepreneur and banana exporter, became the President of Haiti, a country that has had many turbulent times over recent years. Unfortunately, despite his promises and attempts to fight crime, he was assassinated at his home overnight on 7th July 2021.

Being a politician or high-profile celebrity increases the risks of being targeted by criminals and criminal gangs, and this despicable act demonstrates how real the risks to our safety and possessions are.

A sword to deter, and as a last resort

For many direct attacks and attempted threats to high profile personalities, the risks can be dramatically reduced with the right level of personal protection.

Having a bodyguard as well as surveillance systems can act as a deterrent, but there is an additional layer that can be added, and it’s what we like to call the sword at your side. You can also call this type of personal protection your Bodyguard Equivalents.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, a protection dog by K9 Protector will be with you to protect you. Criminals can bypass security systems, but they can’t escape the risk of a fully trained protection dog that will do what’s necessary to defend its owner.

Personal protection dogs have a great sense of smell, hearing and night vision. Their ability to raise awareness earlier than anything else that someone has entered a property allows you to be better prepared. Whether it’s to escape or arm yourself for defence, every second counts when your life and possessions are at risk.

Protecting yourself from one on one confrontations

In many cases,  personal protection dogs will deter a criminal from advancing further. The sight of a snarling protection dog with great physical presence sends a signal to the criminal’s brain to opt for flight when deciding on fight or flight.

In a situation where a criminal decides to ignore the risks, a protection dog really is the sword by your side. Their strength, training and sharp teeth make it harder for the unarmed criminal to win a one on one and, whatever, the outcome, your protection dog will provide you with vital seconds to escape from the threat to your life.

Personal, yet private

Protection dogs will be by your side on a daily basis and are trained extensively to deal with a range of scenarios. Unlike a bodyguard, a personal protection dog doesn’t get in the way of your daily business and personal life. They will quietly accompany you wherever you go, but still be ready to deter, scare and even attack if necessary, in order to defend you and your family.

Is there a better sword to have by your side?

We strongly believe there is no better way to protect yourself. Bodyguards, security surveillance and weapons are all great ways to help protect you and your family, but they have their limitations and their own dangers. Security surveillance can fail and weapons you may have could be turned on you or your family, but a personal protection dog is loyal to you and your family and is trained to always protect you and your loved ones at all times.

At K9 Protector, we select the best breed of dogs and train them using our proven processes and highly trained dog trainers. You won’t find a better way to protect yourself than a K9 protection dog.

If you would like to know more about investing in a fully trained protection dog for defending threats to your life , and how they can protect you, get in touch with K9 Protector today. 

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