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Can a protection dog be a family pet

At K9 Protector, we take your protection seriously. It’s our number one objective.

This does, however, raise an interesting question from our customers: Can a protection dog also be a family pet? And can family protection dogs also be your children's playmate aswell as their protector?

From having a family to inviting friends, it’s important that you are protected, but it’s also important to know that family and friends are safe. After all, a protection dog could be in your home with your family for many hours each and every day.

Protection dogs from K9 Protector make great family pets but it’s important to understand why - and this comes down to two reasons: The type of dog and the training they receive.

Family protection dogs by K9 Protector

Character and training to make A1 canines

At K9 Protector, we use German shepherds as protection dogs. This isn’t a random decision, it’s something we have consciously decided to do. As well as being obedient, powerful and easy to train, German shepherds are also loyal, calm dogs that fit into everyday family life.

If you are considering a protection dog that’s a different breed then think carefully about the character of that breed. Some types of dogs can be aggressive in attacking an intruder, but they aren’t ideal among your family on a daily basis and can, in fact, even be dangerous.

The second reason why our dogs make great family pets is that they are fully trained security dogs, trained to perform the role of a protection dog for a family.

Our family security dogs are highly trained by our expert protection dog trainers, and we ensure that the right dog is paired with your family so they can seamlessly integrate with your loved ones and will be not only a family protection dog, but a family pet as well.

A family protection dog at home and when travelling

Protection for your family can be at home or anywhere you go. Our trained security dogs will be loving and loyal protectors for you and your family whatever the threat to life or your family’s security might be.

If you are travelling for work or on holiday, for example, then your protection dog can travel with you, ensuring you still have the highest level of family security, wherever you go.

The answer is…

YES - protection dogs can be great family pets.

Family protection dogs from K9 Protector are highly trained security dogs that are perfect for protecting your personal security, home and loved ones. Our protection dogs are family-friendly because we provide A1 K9 personal protection dog training at the core of everything we do, giving you peace of mind that you have a sword at your side.

Need to protect your family?

If you would like to find out more about our family security dogs and how they are trained using our proven processes and experienced protection dog trainers then get in touch.

We would be delighted to answer any questions you have and introduce you to our family security dogs for sale that also make great family pets!

Protection dogs for your family

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