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Why do protection dogs need top-up training?

Why do protection dogs need top-up training?

At K9, we provide the highest level of protection with personal protection dogs that have undergone personal protection training with our highly experienced dog trainers.

Our support goes beyond this and is backed up by our online personal protection dog training that helps you to keep the skills of your protection dog ‘topped up’. 

At this point, you might wonder why a protection dog needs any additional training. Surely, they have already been trained?

This is true. Any dog that we provide has undergone rigorous personal protection training, but that doesn’t mean that they will remember everything as the months and years go by.

Personal K9 bodyguards

In order to be the best personal K9 bodyguards, your protection dog needs ‘top up’ training.

Let’s put this into perspective, have you ever said to someone “remind me what the situation was again?” (or something similar).

A friend or colleague might have provided you with some basic information such as a request to get a few things from the shop, or the date of a specific meeting. You acknowledge what they say, make a mental note and then a few hours or days later, you realise that you can’t remember the details of what they said.

“Is the meeting on the 15th or the 16th? I think it was the 15th but (more than most likely) I could have got that wrong…”

Our brains work in magical ways, but sometimes we need reminding about certain facts or situations. And with personal protection dogs, it’s no different.

A fully trained protection dog knows how to protect you. It knows how to deal with different situations but, if it’s not facing dangerous situations on a daily basis, then it’s likely to forget some of those skills, and this is where ‘top up’ training comes in.

Regular training reinforces those skills and ensures that your protection dog remains at the top of its game and is able to provide you with the long-term protection that you need.

Exploring options for personal protection training

Visit our online dog training to find out more about the different levels of personal protection dog training that we provide - and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


What sort of dog training do you provide?

Our online dog training covers everything you need for successful ongoing personal protection dog training. This includes courses focused on puppy training with modules such as how to stay threat-focused and on the grip, we cover obedience training, and our mentorship programme includes one-to-one support.

Rather than listing all of the content here, why not check out our training site: ADD LINK.

Do I need to dedicate lots of time to personal protection dog training?

The amount of training will depend on the age of your protection dog and how long you have had your dog with you. Training is most effective when it’s done frequently in small bites. Often and little is best!

If you would like to understand more about having a personal bodyguard, get in touch with our protection dog training company.

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