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Protection Dogs Sold

Head Image Voldy
Voldermort (should you utter his name) is no where near as sinister as his screen play name sake. Voldy is loving and open and will suit most family situations
Elite Protection Dog For Sale - Mocha
Mocha is a beautiful protection dog training to an Elite standard at K9Protector. Super social Mocha has really taken to being a K9 Bodyguard and when required takes her role very seriously
Elite Protection Dog Harley
Harley is a substantial male and for many reasons captured my heart. Every so often a dog comes along that you get a great connection with and Harley is just that dog
Freddi Head Image
Protection Dog Freddi is a very substantial male who commands attention and his presence alone would deter
Elite Protection Dog Tora
Beautiful sable female who loves family life, Strong territorial guarding instinct, Excellent obedience and ready to leave
Elite Protection Dog - Sisu
Protection Dogs like Sisu are quite rare. Confident, affectionate, courageous are a few adjectives that spring to mind. Perfect for families, Sisu is a dog that wants to please his master & always enjoys being with you & being part of the family
Elite Protection Dog Ike
Wow is the comment most people make when they see Ike for the 1st time. A super oversized entire black + tan male. Ike is a dog that once bonded only wants to please his owner. This quality makes him perfect to train as an Elite family protection dog
Elite Protection Dog For Sale - Rommel
Protection Dog Rommel has it all ! Capability, Intelligence, Beauty and a personality to match ! Rommel is a young dog who is excelling on our Elite Protection Dog program. One to watch Rommel will suit any family situation...
Elite Protection Dog Kali
Super affectionate and very loyal protection dogs like Kali are few and far between. Very suited to family life Kali will suit a variety of family circumstances
Elite Protection Dog Arno
Wow is the first word that escapes peoples mouths when first meeting Elite Protection Dog "Arno". He has the looks and the ability to watch over your family whilst being a wonderful companion
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