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Elite Protection Dogs for sale - Harley

Elite Protection Dogs for sale - Harley

Source: Breeding Program
Gender: Male
Breed: German Shepherd
Colour: Sable
Passport:   Has Passport
  • About this dog
  • Health records
  • Handover period
  • Typical aspects of obedience

About the dog

Elite protection dog Harley is a substantial male that has really taken to training like a duck to water. He reminds me of German Shepherds 30 years ago. He has a real presence about him that would make a criminal think twice and if that wasn't enough he is extremely capable of dealing with any threat level. All that being said Harley is a go anywhere dog that will suit many situations. He is a joy to be around and enjoys all the things that the average pet dog does.

Harley is relaxed and social when he knows you and some what stand off ish when he doesn't. He is supremely confident in all situations from traveling in a helicopter to the rear seat of a convertible.

I see Harley as a loving family member that is watchful and alert to the presence of danger with the skills set to deal with come what may   

Health records

Hip and Elbow Xray's

Full Clinical Examination

Pet Pasport

Handover period

Two full days of training here at our training centre or at your home should you desire

Typical aspects of obedience

On and off lead obedience at a competition standard

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