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Elite Protection Dogs for sale - Voldy

Elite Protection Dogs for sale - Voldy

Source: Imported
Gender: Male
Breed: German Shepherd
Colour: Dark Sable
Passport:   Has Passport
  • About this dog
  • Health records
  • Handover period
  • Typical aspects of obedience

About the dog

Voldy is a substantial dark sable male who is open and friendly. His conformation is strong and I think he is particularly handsome. Unlike his screen play namesake Voldy is going to make a lovely family companion but he has all the skills and abilities to defend those in his charge against those that would do them harm.

Voldy as he is nicknamed for short has been trained to our highest level of protection dog status (high threat environment) he is suited to anyone who requires the peace of mind of having a K9 bodyguard that you can take anywhere and will be loyal, watchful and alert to potential threats. Voldy is house trained and can live with cats and other dogs. He has been air tested for helicopter and plane flight. He is adaptable and has stunning looks that turn heads wherever he goes.

Check back for further trainers notes. Voldy is able to be viewed and reserved now. 

Typically aged between 18 months and 2.5 years unless stated otherwise Designed to live within a multiple occupancy situation e.g. family unit plus Nanny and or house keeper, grounds person etc. This level of dog will protect against individuals prepared to offer high levels of violence with weapons, conduct hostile reconnaissance, attempted kidnap or control to gain access. This level of dog really will mitigate the threat posed by the very worst case scenario

  • Hip and elbow x-rayed
  • Certificated Clinical Examination (passed to you on handover)
  • Fully Vaccinated & Travel Passport
  • Crate trained for ease of integration into your home
  • House Trained
  • On lead obedience at your hip, positions of sit and down
  • Solid recall
  • Off lead obedience at your hip
  • Static positions
  • Down from a distance
  • Tested around livestock
  • Home tested for up to three months in a family environment. Exposed to daily family life, appliances etc. Left unattended during the day for up to three hours  
  • On lead protection including, vocal watch on command, bite and hold, release on command.
  • Off lead protection, sudden threat scenario, release once commanded
  • Sociable with other dogs



Health records

Hip and Elbow X rays

Full Clinical Examination

Pet Passport

Handover period

Three Full Days at your home

Typical aspects of obedience

On and Off lead Obedience to a competition standard

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