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Guard Dogs or Personal Protection Dogs

Guard Dogs or Personal Protection Dogs

What’s the difference between a guard dog and a personal protection dog?

Although there might be some similarities, there is a significant difference between guard dogs and personal protection dogs, and the differences can have a profound effect on safety and the way you are protected.

Don’t go barking mad…

Guard dogs, as the name suggests, help to guard a property such as a scrap yard or industrial warehouse. Unlike a personal protection dog, they are either not trained at all or have had very basic training to follow simple commands, although their obedience and loyalty aren’t guaranteed.

Part of the reason for issues with obedience and loyalty can be because the breed of dog used can vary. The temperament of a chaperone dog varies considerably depending on the breed, and while some breeds such as rottweilers might be fierce and scary, they can also be dangerous and difficult to control in high-pressure environments.

Our chaperone protection dogs are carefully bred in the UK by us and professionally trained to keep you and your family safe. The dog breed we work with mostly are the intelligent and beautiful German Shepherds and here’s why German Shepherds make great protector dogs

Guard dogs can be a great deterrent with their large and loud presence and can scare possible intruders by showing their teeth and barking loudly, but they do have limitations. They need to be managed carefully so that they know when to bark and when to attack (as well as who to attack – but most importantly who NOT to attack). This puts pressure on you, as the owner, to make sure they react appropriately and therefore perform as expected.

A safer, more personal protection

A personal protection dog, on the other hand, is trained to protect its owner and their family or close friends and contacts. It is trained to understand how to handle different situations and is loyal to its owner and family members. At K9 Protector, we provide best-in-class training with a selected breed of German Shepherds. We work with this breed as it has a proven temperament for handling situations intelligently, and it is a very loyal dog.

Personal protection dogs aren’t tied up like guard dogs and left to bark at any strange noise or sighting. They become a K9 chaperone or ‘best-friend’, offering personal protection wherever you go. This means that a personal protection dog can protect you at home, at work or even while out and about, or commuting. They protect your property such as your home as well as protecting you.

Because of their advanced training and carefully selected breed, personal protection dogs will follow strict commands and understand when to attack if necessary, and when to release. While they are safe and great for having around family, they can also become a powerful and deadly form of protection that provides controlled aggression if the circumstances require that.

Personal protection dogs are also selected to suit your lifestyle. At K9 Protector, we spend time understanding the needs of anyone who is looking for personal protection, so that we can match them up with the right dog. Whether you have a family that needs protection, you a looking for a personal protector while travelling and commuting, or need protection at work and home, we make sure that your personal protection dog meets the demands of your lifestyle and daily schedule.

To find out more about our personal protection dogs for sale and how we can help you, get in touch for a free no-commitment discussion.

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