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Guard Dogs For Sale

The foregoing list of Guard Dogs / protection dogs are available now. The dogs in this category are more suited to a guarding role not for family. If you require a family protection dog please visit our Elite Protection Dog page , all of our Elite Protection Dogs are suitable for family life. If you have a preference for any of our trained protection dogs for sale here, please contact K9 Protector to book a fact finding visit and reserve them as availability can vary daily or enquire online on the individual protection dogs for sale, below. 

Protection Dog Zora
Protection Dog Zora is a steadfast defender of those in her charge, She is affectionate when bonded but if you threaten those in her charge she is not one to underestimate
Guard Dog Alf
Strong guarding instinct with this boy. Strong masculine bark with protection training
Protection Dog Dom
Dom is a cheerful chap trained on our protection dog program. He has lovely obedience backed up by our protection dog level defence training.
Protection Dog Kipp
Kipp is a lovely dog who is gentle in nature but more than capable of flicking the defensive switch when required. Super oversized male Kipp will suit many family situations
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