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Elite Protection Dog Elsa

Elite Protection Dog Elsa

Source: Imported
Gender: Female
Breed: German Shepherd
Colour: Bi Coloured
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  • Handover period
  • Typical aspects of obedience

About the dog

Elsa has been trained to our very highest standard (HTE) She was specially selected and nurtured for this role. She comes from some of the best western German working bloodlines. Her stature and movement echoes this. When you look at her face she has almost a masculine look and angulation to the jaw line.

Her obedience is of the highest standards and she is easy to handle. Her protection is swift and devastating to a would be attacker. She is capable of dealing with extreme pressure when defending those in her charge.

Her personality is happy and open and with a willingness to please her owners making her an amazing choice for any family situation even where there is multiple occupants or staff at a property Elsa is happy to fit in.

In conclusion if you are looking for a very special dog to add a strong layer of protection to your security model Elsa really is the dog for you.     

Health records

Hip and Elbow screened

Handover period

Ask during civid restrictions

Typical aspects of obedience

High competition standard

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