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Home protection: Beware of what you ask for

Home protection: Beware of what you ask for

If you and your family are feeling vulnerable, you might urgently rush out to get some form of protection, but making a quick decision could lead to a bad decision and fatal consequences.

Nobody wants to feel threatened in their home so it’s important to get the right level of protection for your home, your family and for you.

German shepherd protection guard dogs

When it comes to protecting your home, be careful what you ask for, and what words you use.

Clearly, the person in the picture isn’t what you would expect when searching for a German Shepherd or family protection dogs and, while the caption might be funny, there’s a seriousness to the message that you should choose your home and personal protection carefully.

Putting aside the different types of German Shepherds, it’s also easy to confuse the difference between personal protection, security and guarding.

Security cameras and alarm systems, for example, make your property more secure. They put off potential intruders to your home and make them think twice about breaking in, but they don’t provide you with personal protection. They only act as an early warning signal if someone decides that breaking in is worth the risk.

We’ve even seen scenarios where a vehicle has been stolen and the act has been recorded on camera, but the criminals were never caught because they couldn’t be recognised.

Guarding is a similar phrase to be careful with. If you decide to have a guard dog in your home instead of a personal protection dog, then this raises challenges in the home and risks an unwanted outcome if you come face to face with an intruder.

Security and guard dogs

Unlike family protection dogs, security or guard dogs tend to be muscle dogs that have much less (if any) training.

Like a car with 1 gear, the options are considerably limited as their primary focus is on attack or don’t. A trained protection dog, however, is smart enough to understand how to handle different situations. They are also fiercely loyal and can’t be “turned” by the intruder to attack the homeowner.

Guard dogs are great for protecting an industrial estate or warehouses. They guard them well, but they are a poor option for personal security.

At K9 Protector, we only train German Shepherd dogs because they have the attitude and intelligence to understand how to protect their owner, and how to deal with different situations that you might be faced with.

Family protection dogs

Family protection dogs can also be with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making them a very affordable solution compared to hiring a team of bodyguards that work shifts to protect you and your family.

When looking for personal protection make sure to understand exactly what you are getting.

If you are looking for a trained protection dog then ask questions such as “What breed of dog is best?”, “Is the dog trained to know how to handle different situations with me or my family present?” and “What support am I getting to maintain the level of protection?”.

Family protection dogs to protect you 

It’s so true… “beware of what you ask for!”. If you ask for the wrong thing, you will most likely get the wrong thing - and that’s a mistake you don’t want to make when protecting your loved ones.

At K9 Protector, we are proud of what we offer because we know that our clients get the best possible protection for themselves and their families. German shepherd protection guard dogs are the best option for protecting a family in their home.

Get in touch with K9 Protector today to find out more about our family protection dogs for sale, including how we train them and how we support you once you have a trained protection dog in your home.

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