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Premium online dog training

Premium online dog training

Training and ongoing development of personal protection dogs is important to long term protection and, thanks to our best-in-class online protection dog training, our clients are able to ensure that they can protect themselves and their loved ones.

The perils of not providing regular training

Without regular training, there are increased risks as protection dogs need to be constantly fine-tuned if they are to continue to be the ultimate form of protection.

When you welcome a personal protection dog into your life, they are fully trained to obey a range of commands as well as how to react to different situations that might be a risk to you in some way.

They learn a lot and, understandably, our fully-trained protection dogs have a lot of information that can be a challenge to retain over time.

Regular training helps to remind personal protection dogs of everything they have learnt, and it builds on that information as well.

What level of training is required for personal protection dogs?

Thanks to our online dog training, owners of personal protection dogs can undertake training as much, and as frequently, as they need to. There is, however, an opportunity to take training and support to the next level with our higher tier training support packages.

  • The K9 Adult Obedience Patron membership, for example, provides the ultimate online dog obedience training and includes live streams and patron-only support to ensure that personal protection dogs consistently follow the instructions that are given by their owner.
  • Our top tier membership (K9 Protector Protection Dog Mentorship) includes personal one on one support and mentoring so that you can get the most out of your personal protection dog training.

Why premium online dog training is important

At K9 Protector, we see personal protection dogs as a long term form of protection. We don’t lease out dogs to protect you for a few days before they get taken away. Our personal protection dogs are trained to be with you for several years and this requires ongoing support and development.

Over time, dogs (just like humans) lose their competitive edge. The training they have received needs to be re-enforced consistently and our premium online dog training ensures you are protected to the highest level possible.

Both our K9 Protector Dog Membership and online dog obedience training ensure that when you need the right protection, you will get exactly that!

Find out more

We currently offer 5 different levels of training to suit your requirements. To find out more view our online protection dog training programme for our highly effective personal protection dogs.

If you have any questions about the different levels of training and what they include, call us for a chat with one of our personal protection dog trainers.

When it comes to online dog training, you’ll be impressed with what we offer!

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