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Should I have a protection dog?

Should I have a protection dog?

When it comes to protecting your home, what are the best options?

There are many ways to protect your home and your belongings and the number of options has increased over the years, thanks to the latest developments in technology.

It’s important to understand the pros and cons of each option when looking to protect your loved ones and your home or any other property you have.

Home security - A quick overview of the options

From a technology perspective, burglar alarms and CCTV have evolved considerably in the last 5 years for home security.


While industrial-grade systems have the best features and highest levels of security, the big boys (namely Google with its Nest range of products and Amazon with Ring) are making great progress with their consumer or mass-market offerings. Products that allow you to view what’s on your camera from your phone or home assistant are becoming increasingly popular and affordable.

Locks on doors and windows

Other options for protecting your family while at home and your property as a whole include more secure locks on doors and windows, outdoor lights with sensors that can act as a deterrent and simple tricks such as leaving the lights on when you are out. We could go on with many other options, but these are probably the most popular ones.

All of these security options can act as a deterrent for a thief or attacker and the more options you use, the less likely someone is going to break into your property or attack your family within your home.

The challenge, however, is that if someone really wants to break in to your property, either to steal things or for something more aggressive, then they will still find a way.

Alarm systems

Alarm systems have black spots and CCTV systems require connectivity and electricity - and they typically don’t have a backup power reserve - making them redundant if there’s a cut to the power supply.

Sensor lighting

Even outdoor lighting with sensors or leaving inside lights on can easily be brushed aside by the intruder that spends a small amount of time preparing properly for his or her invasion.

There is, however, an option that can overcome these challenges...


Family protection dogs are a great way to protect your home or office.


What are the benefits of a protection dog?

A protection dog can smell, hear and see intruders better than CCTV, and they can defend you against an intruder. Something that’s just not possible with alarm systems or CCTV cameras.

In fact, if you have a family then a protection dog is, without doubt, the best form of family-friendly protection you can have. They fit in as part of the family and are an excellent companion for children. They are flexible in the way they handle different situations, thanks to their advanced training.

Home security dogs from K9 Protector

Having the right breed

The temperament of a dog can vary depending on its breed. At K9 Protector, we breed Alsatians as they are the perfect fit for our customers’ requirements.

Alsatian guard dogs are intelligent, physically substantial and also make perfect family guard dogs.

Are family guard dogs complementary to existing security measures?

If you already have CCTV then a family guard dog is a perfect compliment. Having the physical presence of a fully trained protection dog as well as highly-visible CCTV cameras add up to make a stronger reason for a potential intruder to think twice about what they want to do.

Want to find out more?

At K9 Protector, we have family protection dogs for sale and we would be happy to discuss with you, all the benefits of having a protection dog for your family safety. All protection dogs are fully trained in-house by our expert trainers and can protect you personally when travelling as well as defend your home or office.

We take our dogs through our proven training schedule to make sure they perform to the highest level possible and if you have children, a protection dog is the best form of family-friendly protection available.


Call our protection dog breeders and trainers us today on 01761 239 338 to find out more.

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