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An overview of having a protection dog

Have you ever wondered what the best way is to protect yourself and your family?


How to defend and protect yourself and your family from threat

You might have already encountered a scary situation with an intruder in your property, or someone threatening or acting aggressively toward you.

There are many ways to protect yourself and your family - from CCTV and alarm systems to reinforced locks and weapons for self-defence. Each form of self defence and protection has its pros and cons but at K9 Protector, there’s only one way to protect yourself fully from various threats - and that’s with a fully trained protection dog from K9 Protector.

In this article, we discuss the ‘what, why, who and where’ of having a K9 protection dog to protect you and your family. If you would like more information about protection dogs, get in touch today.

protection dogs for your safety

What is a protection dog?

First of all, let’s discuss what a protection dog is NOT. It’s not a pet that barks loudly when it hears or sees something it’s not familiar with. A protection dog is an expertly fully trained and fully grown dog that is trained to protect you in various circumstances, whether that’s at home, on holiday, at work or when travelling.

Training is key.  Our comprehensive professional training is of the highest standard and includes training your protection dog to deal with different real-life situations - from sensing the presence of an intruder through to scaring off anyone that’s threatening you in a face to face situation.


In what situations will I need a K9 Protection dog?

There are many situations that you might find yourself in that require a protection dog. Unlike CCTV or alarm systems that are static and limited in what they can do, a protection dog is trained to go pretty much anywhere with you, and to react appropriately to evolving real-life situations.

A protection dog is able to adapt. If an intruder needs to be scared off, they will act accordingly. If a life is at risk, your protection dog will know and understand that it needs to take a different path of action while still under your control and guidance.


We have many customers who take their protection dog with them when they travel, even on private jets around the world.


What dogs are the best ones for protection, and why?

Different dog breeds have different temperaments, and it’s important to have a breed of dog that’s disciplined, smart, loyal AND has a physical presence.

At K9 Protector, we use fully trained and vetted German Shepherd dogs that are bred by us here in the UK and trained using our experienced team of professional trainers.

We strongly advise against using any form of ‘muscle’ dog such as a bulldog or pitbull. They might be strong and powerful but they aren’t as obedient and disciplined when it comes to potentially life-threatening situations, and their loyalty or potential lack of, can also be a risk.


How do protection dogs help, compared to other forms of protection?

We love technology and agree that security systems are useful for adding protection to a property, but they have limitations - and they aren’t personal.

Criminals have ways of getting past cameras and alarmed gates. We have even seen situations where thieves have been caught on camera but still can’t be identified due to the clothes they are wearing and how they have positioned themselves while carrying out their criminal activities.

With a fully trained and loyal protection dog by your side, any criminal will think twice before making further advances… and if they do make advances? Your protection dog is there for you.

How old is a protection dog when they are provided?

We breed protection dogs carefully and train them from an early age, but we don’t provide them to our clients until they are fully grown and fully trained. The age can vary depending on the individual dog but the only dogs we provide to clients are fully grown adults. This is to ensure you have the right level of protection for you and your family.


Have questions?

If you would like to find out more about protection dogs and what they can do for you, give us a call on 01761 239 338 today. 

We would love to answer any questions you might have.

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