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Bite And Hold

Training a protection dog to be the best form of protection dog takes a lot of training!


At K9 Protector, we nurture and train our protection dogs from a very early age, and train them individually on a daily basis according to their age and abilities.

Training is designed to ensure that protection dogs can deal with a range of situations from scaring off potential threats to acting in self-defence when the threat level is much higher.

This short video shows one of our protection dogs in action, being trained by our team of fully qualified professional trainers. Havanah is being trained to understand when to take action to protect her owner using the bite and hold procedure.



Self defence dog training using bite and hold technique

The young K9 Protection dog is being trained to follow strict instructions provided by her owner. She is instructed to act in self-defence by latching on to the intruders arm and hold that position with a firm bite. Once the intruder is on the floor, further instructions can be given to take control of the situation.

Only once the threat is under control does Havanah release her grip while still remaining a high presence in case the intruder decides to take further aggressive action.

Havanah continues to bark and ensure the intruder is aware of her presence and threat. This helps to reduce the threat level further.

In real life situations, the threat is dramatically reduced as the aggressor is usually shocked and feeling unable to control the situation. The risk of further injury or pain is too great and the intruder is unlikely to take further aggressive action.

At K9 Protector, this is one of many areas we cover as part of our proven training program, designed to ensure your protection dog keeps you safe.

Each dog is trained to handle various situations while being under the full command of its owner.

Want to find out more?

This video only shows a small part of the defence training we provide which includes ways to scare intruders, defend and attack. We also focus on development of a dogs general behaviour, supported by a proven regime of diet and exercise.

If you would like to find out more about the K9 Protection dog training program then visit our YouTube channel. We would also love to have a chat with you about how a K9 Protection dog can benefit you and your family. Get in touch today.

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