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Protection Dog In Training

Training a protection dog to be the best form of protection dog isn’t about a quick one-off training session.

At K9 Protector, we nurture and train our protection dogs from a very early age and continue to develop their skills in different ways as they mature. While we understand that a German Shepherd dog should not be put into intensive training until they are old enough, our program ensures that pups are nurtured and brought up in the right environment, allowing them to build their confidence and trust with the trainer so that once they start their training program, they are ready to learn and develop accordingly.

Protection dogs trained to defend against violent attacks

This short video shows our young dog training program in action. In the video, our fully qualified professional trainers are taking one of our young German Shepherd dogs through a training session on how to provide protection to its owner. This training is at a high threat level, developing fight drive to deal with violent attackers.

The young protection dog is following strict instructions on what to do, with the first step being to intimidate and scare off the potential threat. This form of defence is then followed up quickly by latching on to the arm of the aggressor. The young German Shepherd dog is learning focus and grip.

At K9 Protector, this is just one part of a complex and proven training program that is designed to ensure that a fully grown protection dog knows what to do in different circumstances.

Each dog is trained to react differently depending on various outcomes and circumstances while understanding that the focus is to protect the owner.

Within our protection dog training programme, puppies are raised in a supportive environment and get the exercise, sleep and diet they need to ensure they grow up to be the best protection dog available today. Young protection dogs are also assessed to make sure that they have the right temperament to protect their owners and their families and to deal with the situations in which they might find themselves.

The temperament and breed of dog coupled with the best-in-class training that we provide ensures that our chaperone protection dogs live up to the expectations that our customers have come to expect of us.

If you would like to find out more about the K9 Protector dog training program and how a family protection dog can benefit you and your family, get in touch today.

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