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Best chaperone guard dogs for families

Best chaperone guard dogs for families

What training makes the best chaperone guard dogs for families?

When it comes to protecting your family and loved ones, there is no better option than having a fully trained protection dog from K9 Protector. Sure, there are plenty of ways to protect your family whether it’s using technology such as CCTV and an alarm system or simply having a pet dog that barks and gets excited when someone comes to the front door, but these have their limitations.

It’s possible, for example, to install a whole range of technology to protect your home, but there will always be ‘blind spots’ on cameras and it won’t react instinctively to the situation (alarm systems don’t exactly say ‘my loud noise didn’t distract them, I need to do something else or confront the intruder!). Similarly, a pet dog might deter amateur burglars but they aren’t trained to react to the situation and in many cases, they can be more excited about seeing someone new at home, rather than act to scare them off.

Professional training, training, training…

Personal protection dogs are fully trained by professionals so that they can give the best possible protection. They are taught how to deal with different situations and what commands to follow - and by who. For a protection dog to be effective when with a family, it must go through extensive training. We work mostly with German Shepherd dogs that are matured enough and ready to be trained.

Different stages of protection training

We use various levels or stages when training protection dogs to make them the best chaperone guard dogs for families.

Intensive training for a dog at too young an age can have a detrimental effect and we ensure that puppies are nurtured within a social environment with basic training until they are mature enough. Similarly, we undergo obedience training at the start to ensure that the chosen dog has the right temperament when being placed in a family environment.

Training also includes a full assessment of each protection dog to ensure they are progressing and developing as expected.

It’s important to have the right training. That’s why, at K9 Protector, we employ highly skilled dog handlers and dog trainers that have gone through years of training themselves and have the experience to know what techniques are most effective. Successful training is based on having the right trainers, the right breed of dog and a proven training process.

Wherever you go

Another reason why protection dogs make good chaperones is that they are mobile. They are trained to behave correctly in public and to obey commands as well as being alert at all times. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling to work or heading out for the day with the family, a protection dog will feel comfortable by your side wherever you go.

Bonding and understanding

Living in a family environment can sometimes be quite lively with today’s busy lifestyles and growing children. Protection dogs from K9 Protector are perfect for family environments. German Shepherd dogs have a calm, obedient temperament (even though their size and strength can be a deterrent to home intruders!).

By bonding with your family, protection dogs quickly understand who needs to be protected and how different people react within a household. Bonding and being part of the family is key to a protection dog settling in and being able to provide the protection that you need.

Do you need family protection?

During these uncertain times, having personal protection for you and your family has never been more important. You can browse through our protection dogs for sale or to find out more about having a personal protection dog then get in touch with us for a free no-commitment chat. You can also come and meet our trainers and see your potential next personal protection dog.

We breed, train and sell our protection dogs worldwide for the ultimate in personal and family protection


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