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Finding the right protection

Finding the right protection

When it comes to personal and family protection, it’s important to find the right protection dog for you. At K9 Protector, we take long-term protection for our customers seriously which is why it’s important to understand your requirements and make sure we find the right protection dog for your needs and your environment.

Fact-Finding: The right partnership

Each dog has a unique personality and having an amazing protection dog is about finding the perfect match between you and the dog. That’s why we are keen to understand as much relevant information as possible about you. We respect your privacy and are only seeking to find out relevant information that helps us to find the right help and support for you.

Here are some of the things that can help select the right dog for the protection you need:

Family size: Matching your protection dog to your family

Understanding if you have children and how big or small the family is, helps us to recommend which dog is best suited to your home. Families can be demanding and although german shepherd dogs have a level of intelligence and composure, if you have children at home then having a protection dog that loves being around children can be better for your family as well as for the protection dog. 

Home protection - matching your protection dog to your family

Property size and type: Consider all elements of your properties

Understanding the type and size of the property also helps as well as any features such as flights of stairs, if you have any glass floors or lifts, a swimming pool or the size and shape of your garden.

Daily routine and travel: Travelling with your protection dog

You might plan to take your protection dog to work with you or you might be looking to travel alone, leaving the protection dog behind to guard your home. Understanding your routine and plans is useful information as well as how you plan to travel with your protection dog. Advising on if you use public transport, a car or even by plane.

Added to this are weekend activities. Most of us have a different routine at weekends that might include day trips, gardening, visiting friends or sports activities.

Other relevant information: 

We want you to invest wisely in the best possible form of protection so having as much information about the environment your protection dog will be in will help us to serve you better. If there is any other information you think could help then share it with us.

Make a list: Include your questions for choosing the right protection dog

The process of fact-finding isn’t meant to be daunting in any way and we’re sure that you will also have lots of questions to ask us. When you visit us, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you have about our processes and about the individual dogs including their character and how they are trained. The more information we both have, the better!

Book your meeting

Before meeting us, you might want to start a list of questions you have and things you think we should know. You can then add anything to the list that springs to mind at any time before you visit us and be confident that you have made the best-informed decision possible!

If you have any questions about the process for finding the right protection and the information that can help us then get in touch with us today. We can help you with 'What to ask when buying a protection dog for your security'.

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