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Hi Alaster, 

Kali [our protection dog] has not been with us a week yet but I felt I must update you on progress as we just can’t believe how quickly she has settled with so many changes in her life. We are a busy small farm with multiple businesses and a lot family plus some staff on site. 

My biggest initial concern was would she get along with my 2 elderly German shepherds that hadn’t really mixed with any dogs for about 10 years. The way you handled this was truly amazing by walking them up and down together on leads before letting them all off and there hasn’t been a cross word between them, in fact, she is adding a little interest to their sedate lives even if they are surprised when she nicks their favourite bed.

Kali is continuing to meet and accept all the extended family as she was thrown in at the deep end just before a big Christmas gathering. The obedience training is at a level I couldn’t have imagined and your advise on what to practice and when is spot on. We see why this is so very important to keep up with the hard work you and team have done and we are determined to follow all instructions.

Trained protection dog - Kali

Trained protection dog - the handover

My favourite part of the handover was on the first day you brought her into my lounge with my 3 young grandchildren and offering to play trains with them. They couldn’t believe their luck that this nice man they just met liked brio trains. You soon had a track layout with Kali lying beside it. She watched you and the children playing with the battery operated train running straight past her. I am sure this didn’t crop up in her training and she never batted an eyelid.

I did an enormous amount of research before choosing K9 Protector over the others available. In my early conversation with you, your knowledge stood out from the others. You were quietly confident in the service you offered and I always take that as a sign of someone that is at the top of their field. The handover process was second to none. This is a well practice system that gives confidence to the new owner on every aspect of care, training and security. I thought I would need to contact you with loads of questions over the next few days but as the handover was so comprehensive I haven’t needed to. Kali is sound asleep at my feet at the moment like she has been here for years rather than days.

I had my others as untrained adults and they both paced the house for a month. No sign of this with Kali. She bonded and settled completely within 48 hours. We continue to enjoy learning the little things in her character, like she isn’t too keen on the rain, and she would rather jump over a puddle instead of walking through it. She follows me everywhere I go and and I have keep an eye that I don’t run into her as she is always standing so close. You said in her details: a super intelligent, pocket rocket that would bond quickly. You certainly had her description absolutely perfect.

Many thanks again for allowing us to have Kali. We are under no illusions the level of work that goes into producing a dog of this standard and I would like to thank you and your team for all the hard work. I particularly want to mention Kieran, who helped at the handover. He is a real credit to you as he is the never complaining man in the suit with a plastic bag always at the ready.

I will update again in a few months.

Kind Regards,

Mrs E H

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