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5 Ways a Protection Dog will protect you this winter

5 Ways a Protection Dog will protect you this winter

(and 3 reasons to love having one!)

During the winter months, your home is at greater risk of being broken into - but you can reduce that risk by having a protection dog from K9 Protector. Here are 5 ways that having a protection dog can make a difference and reduce the risk of criminals entering your home and your life.

Fully trained protection

At K9 Protector, we employ the highest skilled trainers and select only the best type and breed of dogs to make sure that your protection dog is trained to the highest level possible. We use German Shepherd dogs which are fully trained to take the right action in various circumstances - from acting as a deterrent and scaring away intruders to being the last line of defence for you and family members.

Amazing sense of smell

The presence of an intruder can be identified by a protector dog before you can see or hear them yourself, thanks to the incredible sense of smell that dogs have. A K9 Protector dog has a sense of smell that's estimated to be up to 40 times better than ours!

Incredible hearing

Combining a great sense of smell with the ability to hear unfamiliar sounds that the human ear can't pick up means even better safeguarding for your family. A K9 Protector dog can hear sounds up to 4 times further away than a human can and they all dogs are trained to make their owners aware of any potential risk as soon as possible.

Better vision during dark nights

During the winter, it gets dark very early and this helps intruders who without doubt want to perform their criminal acts without being seen! Luckily you can have the advantage over of them. A K9 Protector dog has much better night vision than you or any intruder so whether your dog acts as an early warning signal or you need to use him or her to understand if there is a threat or not in your garden, a K9 Protector dog can help identify any threats and where they are. You are then able to scare off any potential intrusion early on.

Physical presence

German Shepherd dogs have a huge physical presence. This acts as a deterrent in two ways. Firstly, if a criminal is eyeing up your property to understand their options, simply seeing the presence of a German Shepherd dog will make them think twice about breaking into your home.

Secondly, criminals that are less prepared and decide to break into your home without preparation, are more likely to run as soon as they come face to face with a German Shepherd dog - especially one that has been trained in family protection to the highest level by K9 Protector.

Why we train German Shepherd dogs for your safety and protection

At K9 Protector, we train only the best breeds of dogs with the number one focus being on your safety. That's why we use German Shepherd dogs as they have the right characteristics to do the job. They are smart and learn quickly, so are therefore ideal to train. They are also great to have around the home.

German shepherd protection dogs at K9 Protector

Here are 3 more reasons why you'll love having a German Shepherd in your home:

German Shepherds are family-friendly

Despite their size and physical presence, German Shepherd dogs are great looking dogs under normal circumstances, they have a great sense and appearance of inner calm. By nature, they are smart and loyal and we make sure that they are fully trained to be part of your family. Potential intruders may hate the idea of you having a K9 Protector dog, but you and your family will love them!

They obey

Being smart and fully trained by our expert protection dog trainers means that your dog will obey your specific commands. This makes life much easier and gives you peace of mind that you have an obedient pet that is also a force to be reckoned with if a dangerous situation arises.

They are loyal and loving

We want your protector dog to be part of your family (as well as to protect your family) - and when it comes to companionship and loyalty, there's no better partnership than with a German Shepherd dog, trained and bred by K9 Protector.


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