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Family Protection Guard Dogs

Family Protection Dog Urma

Urma [our family protection dog] is doing brilliantly.

Fun but obedient and also watchful when others arrive at the house. She seems very happy.

We went for a walk in our nearby woods this morning, her first time away from home.

Hard to say whether she or the kids were more mucky when we came home!

Much wading through ditches that had become streams overnight!

Our fabulous couple of handover days with Alaster and Pete [at the K9 Protector protection dog training centre] where training was carefully and thoughtfully explained and graded to build our confidence and ability to handle our beautiful new dog.

As a novice dog owner this gradual process was especially important for me. It is a testament to the K9 Protector training of dogs and new owners !

Mr and Mrs K (Hampshire)








Family Protection Guard Dog Usso

If you don't want to read on just read this  "These are the professionals".

Living in the country has got to be a worry, but abroad and with valuables' is more so. We previously purchased another dog from a large mainstream protection dog company that turned into a very bad experience. Because of this I was reluctant to go down this route again but because of my situation I thought I’d take a look at K9Protector.

Well I'm not easy to win over but the minute I met Alaster Bly and the [other protection dog trainers] the professionalism just shone.

As for Usso, Alaster matched to us, you would think he had been programmed to fit in.

He's not just a protector he's part of the family. Our little Jack Russell just loves her big brother and trots around with broader shoulders than me.

All I can finish on is any negative thoughts we might of had in day to day life just are not there now and I am impressed. One of the better decisions I've made and some of the better people I've met.

Thank you K9 Protector.

P.S.  (Hope Alaster doesn't read this cos he might start walking like John Wayne !!!).

Mr Tony S



Personal Protection Dog Cheila

Cheila has had a good few days with us: she has settled in well and has integrated with us and the little dogs. She has a very strong relationship with Maisey and they can easily wear each other out at any time of the day!

I am very pleased that I made the decision to get her and I am sure she will do well with us. Many thanks for the last 2 days: it has been extremely rewarding. I am sure tomorrow will go equally well.

You can’t imagine the peace of mind Cheila brings with her. I am sure I will never experience the same kind of attack again: but if (God forbid) I did; I am confident I will have a good chance of being OK!

J Jones Warwickshire



Family Protection Dog Quarritt


Dear K9 Protector (Alaster, Len & Amanda),

Now that our 3 days of training is complete and Quarritt is settling into his new home, Nick and I would just like to say a big thank you for everything you have done for us over the last few weeks, especially the last 3 days, with such an informative, patient and enjoyable training hand over.

From the very first call to your company right up to the final goodbye today we have felt completely supported.

Much time was taken to understand our requirements and to advise us on the best way forward and for that we are very grateful.

I'm sure Quarritt will be missed but we promise to take good care of him and become Mum & Dad he'll be proud of. I certainly feel proud (and safe) to have him and will work hard to maintain all of what we have been taught. 

To Amanda & Len especially, your guidance & support during training has been brilliant and I hope you are really pleased with our progress when you return.

Alaster, I have sent a couple of pictures and while your little girl may not want to see them just yet, in a couple of days it may make her smile, seeing the children now have a dog to play with too.

Thanks again and look forward to seeing you soon.

Nick & Ali

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