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Personal protection dogs

Dog Protection from threats

I contacted K9 Protector in early August 2011 hoping to find a solution to a problem. I was very specific in my requirements. I wanted a hard, confident dog with the capability to neutralise a particular threat that we were facing.

And I also needed the dog to fulfil several other criteria, too: it had to be happy, enthusiastic, and fun to be with; it had to be tolerant of our existing dog; it needed to be capable of adapting to different situations and environments, accompanying me to the office or on business trips during the week (and sometimes having to spend the night in our town centre apartment), but at weekends reverting to country life.

I also favoured a smaller, more-compact dog that wouldn't draw attention to itself - the sort that didn't look capable of starting any trouble, but would certainly be capable of stopping it.

K9 Protector's professional approach and attention to detail impressed my wife and I and we ended up purchasing a fabulously trained bitch who has indeed become an integral part of our family, loving and attentive yet an incredible guardian.

A big thank you to Al, Len and Bob for their dedication and their professional training.

R Whitley Yorkshire

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