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Family Protection Dog - Lasso

Personal Protection Dog - Lasso

Family Protection Dog - Lasso. German Shepherd trained as a protection dog

I had toyed with the idea of having a personal protection dog for quite a while and as circumstances changed I knew the time was now right to look into this with a view of a purchase.

After trawling the internet for a while and seeing what was on offer from clearly non reputable companies, I knew that extremely careful selection of supplier was required, and to be honest now, it runs shivers up my spine to think what could have happened if I had been sucked in and ripped off by the common place rogue.

I noticed a company called K9 Protector and it caught my attention quickly. Years of service from ex-police handlers and trainers was enough for me for a start. I contacted Alaster and we chatted and I was invited to an open day on a bank holiday Monday for a view to what was involved and to see the dogs at work. Alaster, after listening to what were my personal circumstances, offered a viewing of a dog called Lasso. WOW !

There were a lot of questions asked, and as I’m a great believer of no question is silly, only the answer, I picked up a lot of useful information in one day.Never at any time did I feel pressured into any form of sale, using K9 protector over anyone else, and my son and I felt at ease and comfortable at all times (and no this was not a sales ploy either) !

Anyway after seeing Lasso and his balanced, friendly happy nature, turned into an awesome solid and indestructible protector, with a single command returning back to his former balance, I knew that this was a dog that had been carefully selected, trained and was going to be hard to better from anyone or anywhere else. A three day hand over was arranged and one of the days involved my son, so he could begin to be bonded with Lasso as well. The first day was with Alaster and Len at Wiltshire and the last two at my home with Len and Adam.

There was definitely no arrogance from any of the trainers, my schoolboy errors were pointed out and corrected with loads of patience, and it was the aim to teach me with 100% perfection how to handle the dog, from basic obedience to full defence work, and also the law and anything else I needed to know. If I repeatedly made the same mistakes then the exercise would be adjusted to teach me easily and quickly the correct technique. To be honest through the learning process Lasso did his fair share of teaching also and any not so good exercises were definitely down to my inexperienced handling.

Lasso was basically perfectly trained.

K9 protectors, to me, are extremely professional, actually care very much for their dogs and the welfare , and treat you as a human being and not the next transaction and the proof is the fact that they will travel to me again (over two hours drive), in a few week’s time to check all is going well. As I run a business I deal with figures a lot and the cost of Lasso, taking into account where he was from geographically to where he is and now trained to be, including the time scale and all the costs associated with this, I find to be very reasonable.

I must reiterate that the thought of purchasing a protection dog from a cowboy outfit sends a chill through me. I could go on for ages but then it would take up too much web space!

Thank you Alaster, Adam, Amanda and a very special thank you to Len, as you have reminded me that genuine and proper people do still exist…

Anon from somewhere in England.


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