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Family defence dogs

Family defence dogs from K9 ProtectorAnka is a beautiful all black working line German Shepherd female imported by K9 Protector from southern Germany to the UK in late 2011 to be trained as a protection dog. Sociable and balanced Anka is cosmetically stunning and a lovely dog to have around the family. Trainers notes from protection dog trainer Len Carver December 2012 read:

"Anka is a lovely dog and will make a great family protection dog she is responsive and courageous in any threat scenario"

Home security

In March 2012 the K9 Protector team were contacted by Mrs C from Surrey they had been subject to a burglary that had left the family shaken. Mrs C wished to explore the possibility of a protection dog she spoke at length with Alaster regarding her requirements and a subsequent viewing was arranged at Mrs C's family home.

Family defence dogs. Trained protection dogs for family and home from K9 ProtectorFamily Defence Dog

The requirement for this family was to have a family defence dog that would accept three primary handlers and get on well with horses and other dogs. After an initial viewing the family settled upon Anka and so a three day handover at home was booked.

Anka was handled by Mrs C and her two daughters who live on the family estate. The handover went really well and every member of the family embraced the process and as a result Anka settled really quickly to her new role.

Anka provides very real peace of mind and is also a much loved family member.

Property Defence

On a recent follow up visit Anka demonstrated just how bonded she was when defending her owners and their property from a would-be intruder attempting to access Mrs C's daughters property.

Anka - the fully trained protection dog - stood her ground in the face of the hooded intruder and then detained him by taking hold of his right arm. Needless to say Mr and Mrs C were delighted with this outcome.Family defence dogs. Trained protection dogs for family and home from K9 Protector

Compact and swift Anka is a classic example of the right protection dog to the right situation.

She has settled to her new life very well and will give peace of mind for years to come.

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