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Dasty arrived at K9 Protector in the summer of 2011 and it was clear that he was going to be a star right from day one. Extremely well bred Dasty is a top sized working line sable male who takes life in his stride. Trainers notes from July 2011 read as follows:

"Dasty is a happy lad sociable and very quick to learn. He does everything with a willingness to please. His protection work is devastating to anyone facing him, he will be a fabulous protection dog for someone"

Alaster Bly
Protection Dog Trainer 

Dasty's training continued and in August 2011 K9 Protector were contacted by Mrs W from Sussex.

They were experienced German Shepherd owners and had just lost a dog at 14 years of age. They live in a property that is isolated and could be considered a target for crime. On visiting K9 Protector Mr and Mrs We were impressed by the dogs they were shown but settled upon Dasty because of his size and I think the way he demanded a fuss.

Dasty still had two months of his course to complete so in October 2011 Dasty was delivered to Mr and Mrs W's home and a comprehensive handover took place. Mr and Mrs W have several grand children that live in cottages on the grounds of their estate and the children readily visit "Nana" on a impromptu unannounced basis so it was essential Dasty learned who family members were quickly.

Dasty has become a much loved family protection dog. Click to read their protection dog review.





Protection Dogs Doubled

K9 Protector were again contacted by Mr and Mrs W wishing to purchase a second protection dog to act as a companion for Dasty. At this time Uxie a top sized working line female had just finished her protection dog foundation course. Super social Uxie was a perfect match for Dasty. Following a viewing at home of Uxie Mr and Mrs W decided Uxie would be a great asset to them and K9 Protector conducted a second handover at home.

K9 Protector
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