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Protection Dog, Ishmai's Story...

Ishmai is an all black working line female German Shepherd.

She arrived at K9 Protector in the spring of 2011. A stunning bitch and very sociable. She quickly progressed through our foundation training programme. Our protection dog training notes from August last year read as follows:

Family protection dogs in UK - Ishmai

"Ishmai has been a delight to train, she is alert and attentive and bonds quickly. Her protection work is of an excellent standard and she will be a real asset to any family environment."

Bob Pocock
Protection Dog Trainer

In September 2011 Mr and Mrs G from Surrey contacted K9 Protector searching for a family protection dog. Shortly after they came to K9 Protectors training facility in the UK, they very quickly fell in love with Ishmai.

Mr and Mrs G elected to complete their "handover" here in Wiltshire rather than at home. The handover went well although it was a steep learning curve for them as they had never owned a dog before but by completion they were both working with Ishmai.

Mr and Mrs G have supplied a testimonial about their experiences with us and their life with Ishmai. It is clear that Ishmai is now a much loved family member balanced and social yet ever capable of defending her family should the very worst ever happen.

Protection Dogs UK - Bred, trained and matched for the perfect family protection dog

Ishmai - stunning black protection dog from K9 Protectors UK Ishmai - stunning UK protection dog from K9 Protectors Ishmai - stunning UK protection dogs from K9 Protectors

If you are seeking a dog for personal protection please give our canine protector team a call and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Alternatively please view our personal protection dogs for sale; all of which are expertly trained personal protection dogs, executive protection dogs and family protection dogs.

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