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Protection Dogs A Typical Day

Protection Dogs A Typical Day

What's A Typical Day At K9Protector

Well that's a good question and I have to say there is no such thing! At K9Protector we have dogs in training to become family protection dogs with an age range of 6 weeks to two and a half years. Each dog has it's own specific needs before we think of any protection dog training.

Happy and health prospective protection dogs are ones that have a good quality diet, are mentally stimulated through exercise and play and have a clean warm environment to rest in.

Obedient dogs for protection - for sale


A young dog around six months of age clearly will have a different diet to a protection dog aged two years. The type of training at six months is very different to the level of training at two years of age. Building a protection dog for the family is a slow process. A little like building a wall you lay a couple of layers and let that go off and settle before building more. In the same way conditioned behaviour is built over a long period of time in a positive and rewarding way.Puppies being trained to be obedient protection dogs - for sale



Welfare is high on the listen with prevention is easier than cure so regular routines are followed to ensure a safe and clean training environment is kept. The facilities at K9Protector are second to none and therefore our protection dogs thrive.




So whether it's full on threat work, welfare cleaning, obedience training, social walking, grooming dealing with clients or training staff not one day is the same which is one of the reasons I love my role at K9Protector

Alaster Bly


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