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Candidate Milo "The Mali"

Milo is a 12 month old male Malinois. Milo is very much the puppy and is being made available under our "candidate" scheme. Tested for suitability for protection training in the future. Milo will suit an active home. He will be a great running companion as he loves to be on the go.

The Malinois is not as well known in the UK as in other countries however it's work ethic and drive levels make it popular in many work roles all over the world. Most famous was the only identified member of US Seal team 6 "Cairo" who was involved in the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. Milo by contrast has a happy disposition and a willingness to learn.


Interesting facts about Malinois 

As I've mentioned in previous articles, family protection dogs are not trained to be aggressive dogs. So if you ask 'Are Malinois aggressive? The answer is no - your Malinois defence dog should not be aggressive nor should it be a nervous dog in its attitude towards strange people or situations. Dogs with poor temperaments or who have been poorly socialised or trained, however, may be “shy-sharp” — snapping or growling out of fear or aggression.

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