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Sir Mo Farah and Lady Tania

Sir Mo Farah and Lady Tania

We welcomed one of K9 Protector’s Elite trained German Shepherds into our family which was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Mo Farah and Family Protection Dog from K9 ProtectorOur need for a protection dog became apparent following a break-in to our home, despite an alarm system, full CCTV coverage and 24-hour security patrol.

Needless to say, those measures no longer gave us peace of mind, especially as the intruders were in and out within 5 minutes. Furthermore, CCTV footage of the intruders was not sufficient enough for them to be caught, leaving us very anxious that they may return.

With four children in the house, it was a top priority to find a security measure that was robust and immediate should it ever happen again. A protection dog was suggested to us, ironically, by our security company!

Having never owned a dog before, we were initially hesitant, but decided it was absolutely necessary for our family’s wellbeing.

After spending lots of time researching protection dogs and liaising with various providers, K9 Protectors rose to the top.

We spoke with Alaster and immediately knew we were in good hands. He diligently walked us through the process and was beyond helpful with providing us with a dog which best suited our family (child friendly & cat friendly!).

As part of the process, Alaster and his team gave demonstrations of how their dogs respond to threats and are obediently trained which was all very impressive! We chose one of their top-level Elite protection dogs. We welcomed her into our home a week later.

Alaster and Kieran provided two days of thorough protection and obedience training upon handover.

The whole process was so smooth, yet meticulously done that we felt at ease as soon as our protection dog moved in.

Over a year on, our wonderful girl has cemented herself as a member of the family. She’s loving, social, loyal, and will protect us with her life. She remains very well-behaved and is brilliant with kids.

She’s a big deterrent for any potential threat and seems to always be ‘on duty’ guarding our family and property. We enjoy real peace of mind having her in our home as we know she’ll keep us safe.

Alaster and his team continue to be a helpful source of support with refresher training, general advice and great dog boarding facilities for ****** while we’re travelling.

We couldn’t recommend K9 Protectors highly enough as they’ve genuinely helped change our lives and gave our family something we never knew we needed – beautiful ******!

Again, it was the best decision we ever made.

Lady Tania & Sir Mo Farah

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