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Family security dogs, Protection dogs, Family guard dogs whatever you choose to call them they all need to be balanced and highly trained. Capable of being an integral part of family life. The only way to ensure that a dog is suitable is to place your trust in a professional



Protection Dog Training

description of the imageFamily Protection dogs should be balanced and highly trained. At K9 Protector all of our candidates are specially selected for their heritage, health and sociability. Your protection dog should be confident and socialable and yet when called upon to defend they should be fearless and formidable.

Our foundation course is designed to test the candidate in every environment they may be called upon to defend in. We know that should the worst ever happen our protectors are more than capable of resolving any conflict. There can be no greater peace of mind than knowing the newest member of your family will put themselves in harms way to defend you and your family

We harness a German Shepherd's natural drives and promote them through positive training methods to produce the very best protection dogs available in the UK. All of our dogs have direct experience of family life, being social around children and knowing the various sounds of family life. If a dog lives in a kennel for the majority of it's life how do you know how it will react when a child screams ? or decides to pat it with too much enthusiasm ?. The simple answer is you dont know unless you test it.

All of our senior training staff have trained literally hundreds of police dogs to the exacting standards required by the home office. Our senior training staff actually know how a large breed dog behaves when it engages an attacker. This experience is second to none and therefore our training methods reflect our experience.

There are a plethora of protection dog training companies out there and sadly not all of them have our exacting standards. Many are selling dogs that are conditioned to behave a certain way when visually stimulated with the presence of equipment in a certain enviroment. Many companies just keep outdoor kennels for their family protection dog candidates. As a consequence they are able to keep large number of dogs in a stressfull environment. This will have a potential impact to any family protection dog you consider, It may impact on it's health as it transfers to your home, It may develop allergies to your home as it is used to kennel life. All of our  family protection dogs   are thoroughly tested in family situations and family life so that we know you will be 100% satisfied.   

 This is the most important investment in home security you will ever make, so please ask as many questions to satisfy yourself that you have all the reassurances you need.

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"Train , train and train some more until you know that no matter the situation your protection dog will react in an appropriate way......"

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