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Protection Dog Vienna

Protection Dog Vienna

Source: Breeding Program
Gender: Female
Breed: German Shepherd
Colour: Sable

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  • About this dog
  • Health records
  • Handover period
  • Typical aspects of obedience

About the dog

Beautiful sable female Vienna is from our breeding program. Daughter of Zepher and Star. Vienna is just like her father. Easy to handle and quick to spot a threat. In my opinion she will suit a rural property. She gets on well with other dogs but takes a lead role in terms of territorial guarding. She will always alert to the presence of strangers and will bring huge peace of mind to any family investing in her.

Health records

Hip and elbow x-rays

Full clinical examination

Fully vaccinated


Handover period

Two consecutive days of training

Typical aspects of obedience

Typically aged between 18 months and 2.5 years unless stated otherwise

  • Crate trained for ease of integration into your home
  • On lead obedience at your hip, positions of sit and down
  • Solid recall
  • Observed around children
  • On lead protection including, vocal watch on command, bite and hold, release on command. (In some cases off lead)
  • Sociable with other dogs

There may be minor variations between dogs so for example some dogs may be better suited to being housed with a dog from the opposite sex. Or may have achieved a high standard of off lead obedience but hasn’t achieved an Elite level of protection training. These variations will be discussed with you to ensure you are selecting the right dog for your circumstances  


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